Why is it necessary to use my Google account for logging in?

This article will explain why it is necessary to log in to Sixty using your Google account. We will outline the benefits of using Google accounts, the data accessed by Sixty, and how it is used to enhance your experience.

Seamless Integration with Google:

Sixty is designed to work seamlessly with Google, relying on its functionalities and data to offer you the best features. To ensure compatibility and smooth operation, you are required to create a Sixty account using your Google account.

Simplicity and Security:

Using your Google account to sign up for Sixty simplifies the process, eliminating the need to create a separate user ID and password. This approach also enhances security by leveraging the robust authentication mechanisms within Google's service.

Integration with Email, Address Book, and Calendars:

To provide effective services, Sixty needs access to your inbox, address book, and calendars. By utilizing interfaces designed and maintained by Google, Sixty can optimize the filing process, organize your emails, and enhance overall efficiency.

Contact List Creation:

Sixty compiles a comprehensive list of everyone you have interacted with, using information from your address books, meeting attendees, and email correspondence. This data is utilized to improve the email filing process and identify unknown or unfamiliar senders more accurately.

Data Encryption for Protection:

Rest assured, the contact list compiled by Sixty is encrypted to ensure that even if hackers were to gain access, the data could not be misused to populate email lists or disclose sensitive information.

Creating Metadata for AI Assistance:

By analyzing the data from your interactions, Sixty generates metadata that can be shared with other users. This allows our AI to file emails more accurately for multiple users. For example, if the AI observes that many users file emails from a specific sender into the "Noise" folder, it will automatically start doing the same for others.

Folder Tracking:

While you enjoy the benefits of the Sixty service, our platform keeps track of your email folders, ensuring that emails are properly organized and directed to the right destinations.

Logging in with your Google account offers a simple and secure way to access Sixty. Our service utilizes data from your email, contacts, and calendars to provide an efficient email filing process. Rest assured, the collected data is encrypted for protection and utilized to enhance our AI capabilities, making email organization easier for all users.

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