Smart Meetings: Your Personal Assistant for Organized Schedules

Ever missed an important meeting because of a misplaced link or a forgotten address? Or perhaps you've found yourself scrambling for a quiet corner, just a minute before a video call? We understand how hectic life can get, and that's why we've created Smart Meetings—your personal assistant for a stress-free, organized schedule.

What is Smart Meetings?

Smart Meetings is not just a tool, it's your friendly companion, always alert and ready to streamline your calendar. With Smart Meetings, you'll have peace of mind knowing that all your appointments are in order. But how does Smart Meetings do this? The answer is as simple as "//"!

Meet the Tags

Tags are the little helpers of Smart Meetings. They're specific phrases, starting with "//", that you add to your events. They're like the secret language between you and Sixty. You tell Sixty what's important through tags, and it ensures you never miss a beat.

Some tag examples to get you started

  • // Lunch - Sixty will send out a red flag if it can't find a valid physical address.
  • // Zoom - You'll get an alert if the meeting link goes AWOL.
  • // Call - Missing a phone number? Sixty's on it.

The Power of Tags

Smart Meetings is like the guardian of your schedule. It watches out for any potential hiccups and provides timely warnings. If a tagged meeting doesn't have a valid address, a link, or a phone number—watch out! Smart Meetings will send you an automated alert. No more last-minute panic, no more missed meetings. With Smart Meetings, you’re always prepared!

Training Smart Meetings

Just like a new friend, Smart Meetings learns about your schedule and priorities over time. The more specific you are with your tags, the better Sixty understands and assists you. Recall the secret language we talked about? Here's where it truly shines.

Sixty's AI is now trainable - all it needs is a "//" tag

  • Add "//" to your meeting and our AI perks up.
  • Want the AI to understand the context? Use "//" followed by a keyword (like "// Zoom" or "// Call") and it’ll know what’s up.
  • Got different calendars (personal, professional, etc.)? Help our AI grasp their importance by categorizing them.

Customizing Your Calendar

Smart Meetings isn't just smart—it’s adaptable too! It understands that not all meetings are created equal. So, whether it's a tagged meeting, an untagged one, or an external one sent by others, Smart Meetings has got you covered. You can customize your preferences, and Smart Meetings will report on your agendas accordingly.

Outshine the Competition

While tools like Google Calendar are great, they lack the personal touch and intuitive alerts that Smart Meetings offers. With Smart Meetings, you get more than a tool—you get a personal assistant who's there for you, rain or shine.

In the chaotic world of schedules and meetings, let Smart Meetings be your calm. Embrace the convenience of automated alerts, the simplicity of intuitive tags, and the peace of knowing your schedule is in safe hands. Try out Smart Meetings today, and elevate your schedule management to a whole new level of ease and efficiency.

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